Healthy social-emotional development is essential to a child’s ability to form close and secure relationships with adults and peers, to explore the environment and learn, and to develop healthy emotional regulation skills.  Sometimes, when a child is having a challenging moment, it can be hard to know just how to respond to promote healthy social-emotional development.

Enter Flip it! The Flip it! method consists of a simple formula:

Using the Flip it! method promotes healthy social-emotional development and teaches emotional regulation skills
F – Feelings

L – Limits

I – Inquiries

P – Prompt

Using the Flip it! method helps ensure that a parent meets a child’s need to feel acknowledged and understood before setting limits.  By meeting this need first, children are more receptive to the limit setting that follows.  Using Flip it! helps a child identify and begin to understand how to utilize emotional regulation skills.

Have you tried the Flip it! method?  I’d love to hear your thoughts! What did you think?

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