The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) study has been called one of the largest public health crises of our time.  The ACES study has demonstrated, without question, how adversity in childhood can continue to have a negative affect on an individual’s life, throughout the lifespan.  The evidence is compelling and in my humble opinion, the ACES study should be required reading for every single human. Check out today’s video to learn more about how the ACES study began and what it means for you.

Fascinating stuff, right?  To learn more about the ACES study, including the study design and outcomes, please consider checking out my Introduction to ACES and Resilience course over at Reflecting Relationships Academy.  I’d be honored to share what I know with you!

Learn why the ACES study has been called one of the most important public health crises of our time and how it applies to your life


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