The Magic Ratio

Have you ever had one of those days, as a parent or a teacher, where you are just tearing your hair out trying to redirect negative behaviors? Ever wished you had a parenting (or teaching) magic wand that could just solve all of those problems? Well, as far as I know, there is no magic wand. That’s the bad news. But, the good news is that I know a little trick that is about as close to magic as you can get when it comes to turning negative behavior around.

It’s called the Magic Ratio and it truly is magical, if you make the choice to use it consistently.Learn about The Magic Ratio to increase cooperation, connection, and self-confidence in your child Research shows that in a typical preschool classroom, teachers make seven negative or directive comments for every ONE positive comment. Eeek, right? Well, constantly nagging a child to stop/don’t doesn’t actually have a positive effect on behavior and just creates a really negative cycle of power struggle and frustration. This is what we want to avoid. Enter The Magic Ratio. In the Magic Ratio, the ratio of comments is flipped around so that for every negative or directive comment, a child will hear at least FIVE positive comments. Can you already feel what a huge difference that would make to a child’s sense of self-worth and connection? HUGE.

It’s not just about positive comments though, there’s a trick to maximizing the effectiveness of what you’re saying. Watch the video to learn more about how to get the best benefits from The Magic Ratio.

Want something you can print and refer back to? I’ve got you covered. Click here for your PDF version of The Magic Ratio for Teachers and here for The Magic Ratio for Parents. Does The Magic Ratio work? Absolutely, 100% guaranteed. But remember, it only works if you do. That means committing to the perspective shift, being as consistent as humanly possible, and being completely authentic and genuine in your positive comments. Kids know when you’re just phoning it in. For this trick to work, you have to go ALL IN. Are you all in? Have you tried to use The Magic Ratio? Let me know in the comments below how it’s working for you!

Use the Magic Ratio to build resilience, increase cooperation and build connection.