The importance of early experiences during the first three years of life simply cannot be overstated.  The brain is the only organ that is not fully developed at birth.  In fact, at birth, a child’s brain is only approximately 25% of it’s adult size.

The most rapid brain development happens from birth to three. By age 3, the brain is approximately 80% of adult size! During the first three years, the brain creates between 700-1000 new synapses, connections between the neurons, every single second! These connections are formed in response to a child’s early experiences.  This means that early experiences literally shape the architecture of the brain and build the foundation upon which all future learning and development will occur.

Check out the PDF below for some more basics of early brain development.  After you do, please leave me a comment and let me know what other topics you’d like to hear about in the future.

Brain Builders: The Importance of Early Brain Development

Early Childhood Brain Development builds the foundation for healthy development

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  • Christy

    Love this info! We know our babies learn and grow so much early on, but it’s so interesting to understand how this happens and the best ways to promote healthy development.


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